Xevious 3D Arrives On The Nintendo Eshop

…which reminds me: today is the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. Wasn’t it nice of the video game industry to time things so that nearly all of these big anniversaries overlap?

Before I re-read the article and noted that they specified OoT songs, I thought he meant the tunes from those parts of A Link to the Past, which themselves were all pretty awesome.

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The Nintendo 3DS launch wasn’t perfect, given its lack of a big-name Nintendo title, and the months of waiting for the magento eshop to open. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime believes that those two problems are now taken care of, and expects an upswing in sales, but still says that they did not launch ahead of schedule.

At the end of Nov., the system update will give 3DS owners the ability to capture 3D video, for up to 10 minutes, as well as create stop-motion animation videos. The update will also bring a new dungeon to the Find Mii software, while new puzzles will arrive to the StreetPass Mii Plaza.

There is also talk of browsing the internet from your sofa with the Wii U controller. The Wii already does this, but hopefully the Wii U will handle video streaming better. On the other hand, if– like the 3DS– it doesn’t use Flash, that’s going to weaken the prospect significantly.

Nintendo also reiterated a few launch dates for upcoming 3DS titles, noting that Star Fox 64 3D arrives on Sep. 9, Super Mario 3D Land in Nov., Mario Kart 7 in Dec. and Kid Icarus: Uprising this holiday season.

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