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Have you cleaned your attic, basement or closet and found boxes of old home movies and pictures? If so, then you’re not alone! In fact, many folks have actually come across 16mm movies from the 1930s and 1940s.

“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (Ultimate Edition). This two disc collection contains some of the most incredible DVD features ever put on disc. The Convert 8mm Film to Digital may not be quite as good as the new one, but it has the ability to watch either cut of the film with out having to switch discs. I still prefer the original cut, but the nice features and bonus material are very informative, useful and easy to navigate. I would never leave home with out this DVD…even if it is 6 or 7 years old.

DON’T toss the originals out. Even when you transfer to another format, it’s always a good idea to keep the original tapes in case the copies become damaged from use. Even DVDs aren’t indestructible and may become scratched.

Choose a music genre that’s easy to listen to and will work well for varied scenes. Stay away from rock ‘n roll, or other strong-beat music that may not be appropriate to go say, with peaceful scenes of swimming in the lake. Classical music is popular as background music to silent films, but even then you have to be selective, go with popular light classical as opposed to Shostakovich dissonant cords.

A single of the simplest methods to transform your camcorder to DVD is usually to hook up the camcorder into a recording gadget like a DVR having a DVD Burner. For this instance I’ll be using a Sony Hi8 camcorder. To complete this oneself, follow these steps.

Another excellent way to experience a very good film and spend less money is to drive to the drive though movie theater. This is a fun alternative to the normal movie houses. A lot of people people choose it in view of the fact that you can bring the kids, a friend or a date. You could well also bring pretty much any food and drinks you prefer.

We have state of the art equipment along with the latest software to accomplish this. There is a lot of the older media out there that can be brought up to today’s technology standards. Alpha DVD Creations can do that.

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