Personal Alarms Can Make A Difference

Darkness provides a cloak for criminal activity, which is why safety experts are increasingly recommending led flashlights as an essential part of any self-defense kit. A small LED keychain or a flashlight tucked into your purse or glove compartment can go a long way toward preventing or warding off an attack.

5) Evaluate Outdoor Paths. If you live in areas with snow or freezing rain, slipping on sidewalk ice can be a very real danger. This is particularly devastating for older individuals, because the result is often a broken hip that never fully heals. Check your outdoor areas and be sure to use sand or salt to prevent ice from forming on paths.

We had determined that if each rider rode 45 minutes then took a 15 minute break and one in the van rotating we would be able to use the van as a sag wagon to keep food, water, ice etc with us.

The first day went well as we rode 105 miles and all of us did equally well. We were tired and all us knew there’s no staying up late to watch tv. We had to start the next morning at 5 am so that we could keep on track with the mileage that we knew we had to do.

personal alarm s are under-rated; however they make a great protection tool. Because of their sizing and easy compatibility your attacker will be taken by surprise when you sound the alarm. By sounding a personal alarm you are also telling your attacker that you are armed. They won’t know if you are also carrying something more substantial. These devices are all about letting your attacker know that you are ready and in control. Aggressors won’t expect this and may not want to pursue you any longer. Attention is not what they seek.

The same cannot be said about irritants like tear gas, though. Irritants rely more on pain infliction to be effective. Because sensitivity to pain may be greatly decreased in drugged aggressors, tear gas may or may not be effective in those dangerous situations. In other words, you will not be able to predict the outcome of your self defense attempt by using tear gas alone, because you will never know beforehand whether or not an adversary will be under the influence of drugs. Irritants (tear gas) will work mainly on non-drugged individuals.

If you find yourself answering online dating service ads you need to be extremely careful. ALWAYS arrange meetings in public places. Never allow yourself to be trapped in a private location arranged by a stranger. Make sure a close friend or relative knows where you will be meeting and at what time. These meetings are best arranged in the daytime as opposed to in the evening or later at night. Pepper Spray is a must in this situation. One of the disguised models, such as a spray hidden in a lipstick case would be perfect. A personal alarm would also be recommended.

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