Online Love! Is It Real?

Does the sound of “Nothin’ But a Good Time” stir a certain memory and bring a long lost smile to your face? When you think of “spandex, do you picture Don Dokken, Dee Snider or John Bon Jovi? How about Aqua Net commercials, do they make your hair hurt from the thought of endless teasing and spraying? If so, you were definitely one of the luckiest people in the world, you took part in the greatest era of music; the eighties.

Breakup songs are also very popular and they bring us back to a time of hardship and pain. The best songs do not always have the best tunes but, they have the right words. Words pierce like a knife and are very effective. It is through quoting songs of love that many people have managed to win the hearts of their loved ones. Above all things, their inspiring nature is most recognized and loved. If you are a musician, it is vital that you study the mood of your fans and deliver only those songs that will be loved. Songs will live on as they inspire generations to come; they never die. Sing along to a good song for love today and notice the difference it makes.

The song was recorded and broadcast live to hundreds of millions of viewers in one of the first-ever global satellite link-ups in the summer of 1967. (coincidentally dubbed The Summer of Love.) An all star cast of extras joined in the singing of the chorus, including Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Graham Nash and Marianne Faithful.

There are many reasons as to why couples break up. As to why so many break up during the winter months is an easy question to answer. It is basically because of the let down of all the holidays. We all have these illusions of what Christmas and New Year’s should be like for us. Many of these illusions will include our lovers. When they don’t meet up to our expectations, we don’t feel that they fulfill us. But many times they can’t live up to our expectations because they are too high. We watch too many sappy movies. We dark beats and we get illusions in our heads. Real people and real relationships can not always live up to the illusions we build.

In The Beatles Anthology series John said that Help! was indeed his favorite Beatles song, but he also expressed displeasure at the songs tempo. He wanted it to be slower and more melancholy (befitting his state of mind) but the band convinced him that an up-tempo version would have a stronger commercial appeal.

There are many different types of gifts that can be customized especially for the bride. You can choose one based on her personality, wedding motif or theme, or even the honeymoon. Shower gifts are often for the couple or their new home, but it is also fine if it is really more for the bride herself.

If marriage lingers in your mind and you find out yourself making plans for both of you, then your love is real. However, talking about marriage and future plans with a man is not as easy as it may seem. You might end up scaring your boyfriend away. Think twice before you start a conversation on this topic. You should rather suggest him that you might do this or that in the near future, and then see what he thinks about your plans.

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