Internet Marketing – The 80-20 Rule Of High Performance Websites

This does not have to be the case. First of all, just as with any offline business, it does take time and effort and also proper planning to build a proper online business that over time will make money. Here are a few examples of a plan: find a niche that you are going to build your online business in, then stick to that niche. (A niche is just another word for a market such as: weight loss, make money, forex, etc.) Then decide whether you are going to be an affiliate marketer (selling other peoples products for a commission) or whether you are going to develop and market your own product. Many people start with affiliate marketing as they do not have a product of their own. This is fine and a good place to start. Remember if you’re failing to plan you’re planning to fail.

Whoever joins your list becomes a client you can reach, treat your list with respect. Never spam, people are way to clever nowadays. However by offering value to your list, and recommending products of value you can often make multiple sales to the same client.

You have to be creative if you want to start and survive in this internet climate. There is competition everywhere, just make yourself reliable and unique and you shouldn’t have any problems!

My advice would be to promote your website as much as possible. If you have unlimited time and resources, then hit the promotion hard. If you only have an hour per week, then spend an hour per week building links. Whatever you do, do not slow down just because a self proclaimed HQWebinar Reviews guru told you to.

Every one of us has our strength and weakness. We can combine our strength to create and promote a product or service. I am in the process of creating a JV with an Internet marketer who is a programmer. He has created an excellent product, but is not able to reach a big market. I agreed to assist with the promotion since getting traffic and JV partner is my strength. This will be a 50/50 joint venture.

That also leads to the hardest part of affiliate marketing, getting traffic. There are many techniques and ideas, but your main goal should be to keep the visitors so you can send offers to them for as long as you can. This is what is referred to as “list building”. This requires time and effort but it is worth every minute you invest.

There is no short cut only good content, continuous researching and persistence with whatever it is you are selling or hoping to achieve. There is one word that needs to be addressed here…and it is a four letter word called “WORK”. Yes this word is what all successful people know all too well. No one will profit online or offline without doing “work”.

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Internet Marketing – The 80-20 Rule Of High Performance Websites

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