How To Market Wedding Photography Business And Positively Increase Your Income

Weddings are a time of joy and love. Little girls seem to dream of their future wedding date by the time they start talking. Weddings are something that most everyone knows about years before it is their time to walk down the aisle. When the time does come, there are all sorts of planning that needs to be made. One of the most important however, is finding that perfect photographer that will capture perfect memories on one the most memorable days that many people will have.

When you do this well you won’t be sidetracked. You won’t be trapped into questioning the decisions you’ve already made. You won’t be tempted to change your mind.

Now I may be a bit biased, but there is nothing more inviting, than soothing music as one enters a room…it creates a certain, welcoming, ambiance. It sets the mood. It says to your guests, “yes, come on in, there is a celebration happening in here”!

Wedding Cocktail Hours are usually given the least thought regarding music planning. Why? Well first of all, you (the Bridal Party) are typically not there (for most of it anyway). This time (just after the Wedding Ceremony) is usually allotted for Picture taking with the essex wedding photographer….most often in a different area. That is all fine for the Bridal Party, but don’t forget about your guests!

And of course, there is always Google. Like anything else, you can search for Musicians, or Bands or DJ’s in your area, and get many sites. The problem is that every Entertainer’s web site, will mention how wonderful, great, and spectacular they are; every site begins to look the same. So how do you choose?

It is important therefore to get the best from the expo that you have a plan. Whether you are just doing a look, see for initial ideas, or searching for a specialist service.

Computing power to process it all. Computer, many CompactFlash cards, backup and redundancy storage (would hate to lose wedding photos) software, color calibration kits, and more… this can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars.

Consider chocolate mud or an alternative to the traditional wedding cake. If you can’t go without the traditional wedding cake consider buying the cake undecorated and having a flower arrangement made for the top of the cake. This looks fantastic and the price difference is huge.

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How To Market Wedding Photography Business And Positively Increase Your Income

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