Best Sleep Aids – The 3 Best Sleep Aids

Cami Marshall in her article “Sleep Issues: Sleep Medications,” reports that while Americans spend $98 million bucks to buy sleep aids over-the-counter and another $50 million on drugs to stay awake, there are people who are having problems getting any sleep at all.

What about seeing the morning light through the window and realizing that you haven’t even fallen asleep yet? It can make you feel defeated before the day even begins, and in the back of your mind you know that every minute you’re awake is only going to make the day tougher.

There is nothing worse than hearing a loud yawn or growl just as you are about to sink into a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, if your partner has insomnia, you may wind up being jarred awake several times during the night. Regardless of whether or not your partner takes a melatonin best sleeping supplement, you may want to give it a try. At the very least, it may protect your own circadian rhythm from being damaged.

Do not try to force sleep if you`re not actually sleepy. You`ll only increase your frustration and stress at not being able to sleep. What does stress cause – depression which causes a lack of sleep. A vicious circle. You may already be getting little sleep so don`t try and force it, believe me it doesn’t work. Wait till you are sleepy, then hit the hay.

Often, the quality of our sleeping depends on the kind of sleeper that we are. If we’re the type that are easily jostled out of our slumber by the tiniest noise, we may find it difficult to get adequate rest. But sometimes, it’s not even the kind of sleeper that we are that is the problem; it’s how the person that we are with sleeps.

Holy Basil – 150 mg. This type of basil is not the average spice that you would find in your kitchen. It is much stronger and has a clove-like flavor. You may be used to Holy Basil if you have tried Thai food in the past. The reason that it carries the moniker “Holy” is due to its very hot flavor. This spice has been used for hundreds of years in the Hindu culture as a medicine and recently found fame as a Cox-2 inhibitor. Cox-2 is an enzyme that many naturopaths believe causes inflammation.

If you have stomach issues, like flatulence, heartburn or indigestion, tums does not have to be your answer. Rolaids does not have to spell relief. Try drinking some catnip tea. Fennel can also help to relieve stomach issues and can be found as a tea.

If you are considering skipping your vacation, think again. If you use the advice contained in this article, you will have no problem getting that next vacation set up.

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